Sustainable District

In September 2021 LQ BID launched the Linen Quarter as Northern Ireland’s first sustainable district, and we invite every organisation in the area to join us. A sustainable district doesn’t mean we have cracked every problem, but it does mean we have tangible projects in place and are working to a clear direction of travel.

The programme consists of eight distinct elements, which include operational schemes that our members can join at low or no cost, and with minimal transaction time. LQ BID will support our members throughout this journey as they transition to more environmentally friendly organisations within a more sustainable district.

Key projects include:

ESG District Survey

LQ has launched a short online Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) survey with a focus on the district’s sustainability. The general sense of urgency to address climate change is intensifying and will be highlighted regionally and globally when the UK hosts COP26 in November. For businesses, this means sustainability is no longer just a marketing bonus. Sustainable practices have serious currency to create long-term value, strengthen local supply chain linkages and compete in the global economy. The purpose of the district ESG survey is to showcase and promote LQ BID ESG reporting on sustainable issues, as well as how members use such information in their business processes. In addition to understanding district trends, support needs and point to what best practices are being established.

We invite you to fill out this short anonymous survey here:

Green Energy Scheme

Energy is a key area of focus and LQ BID has partnered with Power NI ( to roll out a Green Energy scheme to members with 100% renewably sourced electricity. The government has introduced a law to reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050 meaning it’s now essential for your business to consider how to reach this target. There’s no extra cost to switch and you will receive a Green Energy certificate, and window display sticker.

Power NI also offer a free online account management tool which allows clients to track electricity usage, carbon emissions and spend. Larger users can also invest in a more comprehensive solutions such as Connect 360, a real time data-driven energy and environmental monitoring solution. This allows businesses to measure and manage a range of processes to become more energy efficient. The NISEP (Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme) offers 20% funding for businesses who switch to energy-saving solutions such as LED lighting or intelligent heating controls. To find out more, visit:

The LQ is made up of a diverse range of public and private sector organisations; hospitality, professional services, charities and retail. To get sector-specific advice, the Carbon Trust have energy efficiency advice to suit each member’s needs:

A switch to green energy helps your business and our city meet ESG reporting and Net Zero government targets as well as promoting the area as sustainable business district to clients, customers, and investors. LQ BID members can speak to Power NI’s Linen Quarter Account Manager, who will help you complete the switch.

To set up an appointment please email:

Sustainable Waste Management

LQ BID has partnered with River Ridge ( to offer members sustainable waste management service support. River Ridge can guide your business through the transition towards becoming a sustainable firm with the piece of mind to know that they use only a modern, low carbon fleet, with trained and dedicated staff, and green processing methods. A robust ESG governance structure makes not only River Ridge accountable for its activities but also ensures their performance can be measured by BID members. River Ridge have some of the most advanced treatment facilities in Northern Ireland – and are committed to innovation and improvement – making your sustainable waste management processes easier and greener!

For further details on how River Ridge can make your business more sustainable, please contact:

Climate Awareness Training

To help businesses find practical and workable solutions to addressing their carbon emissions and meet government targets the LQ BID has joined with Business in the Community (BITC) to offer a subsidised climate change response management training programme for to up to 6 district firms starting late October 2021. The scheme has three tangible benefits – each participant will receive accredited carbon awareness training, every firm will get tailored company guidance on reducing emissions, and the opportunity to sign the public Climate Action Pledge to signal wider commitment sustainable business practices.

For further details and book your place of on the programme, please contact:

Green Buildings (Bedford House Case Study)

LQ BID have commissioned international consultants Dark Matter Labs ( to produce a green building report on Bedford House. This case study illustrates the practical and commercial benefits of moving towards a sustainable built environment. It considers related issues such as tenant requirements, circular fit out, and supply chains and offers others a template to help them on their own journey towards becoming more sustainable, efficient, and profitable. The LQ report will be launched during our RE[ACT] festival on 11 November.  At the event you will hear from the report’s authors and invited speakers on the benefit of sustainable buildings and offers attendees the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session.

View website here for more details:

Public Realm Schemes

LQ BID continues to champion district sustainable public realm schemes and promote sustainable living. We are proud to have launched the Linenhall Street parklet in July – the first of its kind in the city centre – developed in conjunction with partners from Belfast City Council, the Department for Communities and the Department for Infrastructure. The parklet is the first of many sustainable schemes the BID has planned to transform the district public realm and that reflect the needs of people today. The BID continues to promote footfall in the district and provide a safe and attractive environment for people to socialise and work.

For more information, please contact: 

Sustainable Transport

LQ BID aims to continue to support the transition towards sustainable transport and active travel. In the former we represent the district in relation to the development of the Transport Hub and N-S Glider . In relation to active travel we support pedestrian friendly spaces and new cycle lanes – resulting in a less congested, less noisy district, with clear air and a better place to live, work and relax. LQ BID has also commissioned Cycling UK ( to provide cycling friendly accreditation for employers, with regular confidence training, maintenance, security, and cycling events for employees and residents.

If you would like to find out more about our range of cycling support services please contact:

RE[act] Festival 2021

The Re[act] festival is part of the LQ BID’s wider district sustainability programme with eight separate interconnected practical projects delivered throughout 2021. Coordinated with COP26 in Glasgow 2 – 12 November, our Re[act] festival will include live talks, public debates, workshops, international webinars, and place-based events. Bringing together lively debate and events about how we and the city can continue to be more sustainable around common themes of energy, public empowerment, nature, science & innovation, and transport to name a few! The objective of festival is to increase the city’s (and wider Northern Ireland) uptake of circular economy opportunities and practices, along with offering a public voice to the wider community on the future of our city during COP26 and beyond.  The festival is open to everyone. Come and join us in person or online.

To see the full Re[act] event programme and book your place at the events please visit: