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At Linen Quarter BID, we believe success should never come at the expense of our people and the planet. As an organisation, we recognise sustainability as a journey, and our commitment goes beyond words. Our range of purposeful initiatives are not just programmes, but a dedicated contribution to a healthier planet, stronger communities, and brighter future for all. In September 2021, the Linen Quarter BID launched its bold vision to make the Linen Quarter as Northern Ireland’s first sustainable urban district. We are committed to weaving sustainable practices within the fabric of our district and we invite every organisation in the area to join us on this exciting journey through meaningful partnership and strategic collaboration. A “Sustainable District” does not mean we have solved all of the problems, but it does mean we have tangible projects on the ground and are working in partnership with a wide range of networks to create a clear path for driving positive social change, climate action, and inclusive economic prosperity. The Linen Quarter is at the forefront of our initiatives, but our commitment extends far beyond the district. Our initiatives greatly contribute towards building a better Belfast. A city reimagined where no one is left behind.

Our projects are curated, uniquely designed and sustainably executed, aligned with the Belfast Agenda 2035Belfast Green Growth StrategyBelfast Inclusive Growth StrategyBolder Vision for Belfast, Belfast 10X Economy, and the very first Northern Ireland Climate Change Act amongst many. All of which aims to make Belfast a magnet for talent and business, admired around the world due to its innovative sustainable practices that equally address the three pillars of sustainable development. We are also dedicated in aligning our efforts to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to create global impact that resonates far beyond our walls. Our initiatives are strategically designed to contribute to the achievement of these essential goals, supporting the realisation of the UN 2030 Agenda.

The wide range of our initiatives and projects are available to all of our members at low or no cost, with minimal transaction time. We acknowledge that sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey, and we will support our members as they take bold steps from traditional businesses to a shift into an environmentally friendly and ethically responsible organisations that creates harmonious balance between people, profit and planet – within a truly sustainable district.

More details of our vision are available here: Term Two Business Plan 2023-2028

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