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10th June 2024 at 8:30am

LQ Health Week 2024


Great Expectations: streetscape enhancement scheme on lower Great Victoria Street

Belfast's Linen Quarter

The Story of the Linen Quarter began in the early 19th century, when the area developed rapidly. This was driven by three themes. First, transport connections, including a new train station at Great Victoria Street and spacious pedestrian boulevards. Second, industrial innovation, such as the tech-led revolution in Linen production. And third by a boom in hospitality and entertainment venues, driven by rising consumer demand. Today, the Linen Quarter is developing once again along similar lines.

Construction is underway for a new £250m Transport Hub which is due to open in 2025, and the Linen Quarter will be the gateway from which 20 million people per year will enter the City. We have a growing professional services and technology sector that is pioneering new innovations and creating an ecosystem attractive to further investment. Third, our vibrant hospitality sector, which boasts the highest concentration of hotels in Northern Ireland, where visitors can enjoy unrivalled food and drinks experiences as well as iconic events venues such as the Grand Opera House, Limelight and Ulster Hall.

The Linen Quarter is still defined by its beautiful red brick linen warehouses, which give the District its distinct character and sense of place. Many of these have been refurbished to provide re-imagined spaces for offices and hospitality. Likewise, our impressive Victorian landmarks have been rejuvenated, and enhanced by new contemporary landmarks, as the part of the District’s exciting transformation.