Originally implemented as a pop-up tactical intervention in San Francisco, parklets have become a popular tool for enhancing the pedestrian experience in towns and cities across the world. Usually located on top of on-street car parking spaces, they often include seating arrangements, planting and spaces for outdoor hospitality.

Over the past two years, the BID have been working with the Department for Infrastructure and Belfast City Council to install parklets at three different locations across the Linen Quarter.

Linenhall Street parklet

A public Parklet was installed on top of two parking bays located on the western side of Linenhall Street (on the corner with Clarence Street) in July 2021. This Parklet is the first of its kind installed in Belfast city centre. It creates a widened pavement zone that is sheltered against traffic by a balustrade that incorporates a crash protection system.

The Parklet aims to create the experience of a micro park within a dense urban environment to enhance city centre ecology and green space. It is envisaged that the Parklet will help to increase dwell time and spend in the local area while also helping to improve air quality by reducing motorised traffic.

The Parklet was launched by the Minister of Infrastructure and Belfast Lord Mayor.

Bedford Street parklet

A second parklet was installed in front of 19-21 Bedford Street and features space for pavement café purposes while also providing public seating, planting and an information point for the Golden Mile walking route. This Parklet was opened on 14th October 2021.

Linenhall Street parklet 2

A third Parklet was installed in front of 7-17 Linenhall Street in April 2022. This parklet measures 29 meters in length and features outdoor space for pavement café purposes alongside public seating and artificial planting.