Sustainable travel

Linen Quarter BID has championed the concept of sustainable transport since 2018. Our regeneration vision laid the groundwork for the phasing out of personal motorised traffic, and implementation of high quality public transport, cycling and pedestrian routes within the district.

Improving public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure within the Linen Quarter will encourage workers, residents and visitors to the district to use more sustainable modes of transport. This will help enhance the health and wellbeing of our population whilst improving air quality within the city.

Following the announcement of measures to improve the pedestrian and cycling experience in Belfast by the Department for Infrastructure in May 2020, Linen Quarter BID has worked hard to make the District more cycle and pedestrian friendly. We aim to continue to do so during our current term.

If your organisation is wanting to improve local cycling facilities, the BID might be able to help by part-funding the accreditation process to become a Cycle Friendly Employer.