LQ BID acts as an advocate for the district ensuring that statutory bodies provide high quality services, and we sit on a number of strategic groups for this purpose. We can raise specific issues on your behalf.

Strategic groups the BID currently sits on include:


Glengall Street working group

This group brings together business stakeholders with a view to inform the public realm improvement works that seek to transform Glengall Street from an secondary urban road into the primary gateway leading from the Belfast Grand Central Station to Belfast commercial core.

Shaftesbury Square working group

This group brings together representatives from public sector organisations and other stakeholders with a view to transform Shaftesbury Square from a car-dominated space into a pedestrian friendly place.

South West Quarter group

This group brings together business stakeholders with a view to revive lower Great Victoria Street as a destination in its own right.

City Centre Tasking Group

This is an operational group facilitated by Belfast City Council and comprised of representatives from PSNI, the BIDs, Complex Lives, outreach agencies and the council. The group discusses current issues and trends in relation to community safety, as well as solutions and opportunities for joint working.

Multi-Agency Taskforce

The multi-agency taskforce is an opportunity to for city stakeholders to meet on a more strategic level to discuss problem solving and community safety. With representatives from the Belfast BIDs, Council, Chamber of Commerce, this takes place every other month and provides another opportunity for LQ BID to advocate for more resources for the district.