News / 22nd April 2021

Maldron Hotel’s Living Green Initiative

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, LQ BID want to highlight what the Environmental Impact Team at the Maldron Hotel are implementing, as part of their efforts to turn their current bronze accreditation into a green tourism accreditation, by improving green initiatives throughout the Linen Quarter-based hotel.

Located on Brunswick Street, the team meet in the hotel once a month to discuss ways to preserve the environment. This includes greater waste management, reduced energy consumption and any other voluntary initiatives that the team can get involved in that provides care for the environment.

Below are some of the steps the hotel has taken to be more environmentally aware – showing their commitment to operating sustainably:

  • Replacement of fluorescent bulbs to LED
  • Leak detection systems and metering used to ensure wastage is minimised
  • Appliances on low flow settings, to ensure water savings
  • All guest bathrooms are fitted with sensors and low flush technology
  • Hotel has proactive approach to recycling – with waste sorted and collected
  • Recycled paper coasters, beer mats and straws, are used throughout the hotel
  • Reduced single-use plastics in all guest bedrooms
  • Replaced plastic water bottles in rooms with either glass bottles or cans of water
  • Replaced single-use shampoos/conditioners/ soap – vegan-friendly options too
  • All takeaway coffee cups and lids are 100% recyclable.
  • Introduced “keep cups” as part of Red Bean Roastery Coffee offering

The Maldron Hotel is also committed to helping biodiversity and have created a rooftop herb garden to grow thyme, sage, mint and wildflowers. Whilst recognising the importance of wildlife in the city and the need to be more green, the herb garden provides fresh produce for the hotel’s award-winning chef to use, and for bar staff to use for garnishing delicious drinks and cocktails.

For more information on The Maldron Hotel’s commitment to a sustainable future, and for ongoing updates within the hotel, click link here: