News / 30th November 2020

LQ Lighting Audit

With the dark winter nights now upon us, LQ BID recently conducted an audit of the district’s street lighting, in collaboration with PSNI StreetBeat and Belfast City Council Community Safety. As a result, nine faulty street lights were identified and reported to DfI, while poorly lit urban spaces within the Quarter were also noted.

We are pleased that the upgrade to LED lighting, rolled out by the Department in 2018, has resulted in brighter streets across the Linen Quarter. However, LQ BID have identified the need for additional interventions at Bankmore Square, where improved lighting is required around the Square and the adjacent multi-story car park. This issue will be raised with the Department, with a request for additional capital funding.

LQ BID are also working to improve the night-time appeal of the Quarter with several new lighting schemes earmarked for local streets, including Blackstaff Square, Brunswick St and James St. We are currently scoping options as part of the DfC / City Council revitalisation scheme, with a view to roll out new installations in March 2021.

If you would like to raise any issues around lighting in the Linen Quarter, please contact