Safer District

Community safety

The Street Beat team consists of police officers that are directly employed on the streets within the Linen Quarter. The Street Beat team is key to developing local knowledge around community safety and crime in liaison with local stakeholders and works to successfully identify and resolve problems.

In addition, a Community Safety Forum has been set up to:

  • Provide a platform for local organisations to share insights and concerns in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Support the work of the PSNI, including a review of the bespoke LQ Street Beat team, funded by Linen Quarter BID.
  • Discuss problem solving solutions, including policing priorities for the area, staff training, and crime reduction initiatives.

The Forum meets quarterly and is open to all member organisation of the Linen Quarter BID.

Please contact for more info.

Preventing Retail Burglary 

Protecting Your Business

Safe Shop Scheme 

Trying to provide a safe environment for customers can sometimes be very challenging for many business owners across the Linen Quarter and City Centre, with incidents likely to occur when least expected.

To provide support, Linen Quarter officer PC Chris Wallace has put together a manual to help guide members to manage disruptive people:

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Cyber security can be really overwhelming for some small business owners, however, it is very important to ensure that measures are in place to protect against online threats. By following five key recommendations from the PSNI, small business owners can significantly reduce their chances of falling victim to a cyber attack, ensuring their day to day business operations run smoothly with no interferences.

To find out how you can protect your business with the five key recommended steps – read on here: