Thomas Thompson Fountain

The Thompson Memorial Fountain is located on the intersection of Bedford Street and Ormeau Avenue, facing the BBC offices. It was constructed in 1885 to designs by Young & Mackenzie in memory of Dr. Thomas Thompson by his daughter Eliza. The memorial plaque reads: ‘Erected 1885 in memory of Thomas Thompson M.D. of Wellington Park who practised as physician in Belfast above 40 years. Though dead he yet liveth.’

Dr. Thompson was a physician who was one of Belfast’s pioneers in the fight against cholera. He practised medicine in Belfast after gaining extensive experience during his service in the navy. After witnessing the horrible consequences of epidemics at the time of the Great Famine, he established the charitable ‘Home for the Incurables’ in Belfast.

The red sandstone fountain was inspired by the twelve English Eleanor Crosses that were erected in England in the 13th Century by Edward I in memorial of his wife Eleanor. The Thompson Memorial Fountain was listed in 1970. It has long ceased to function as an operational fountain.

Linen Quarter BID commissioned ConSarc Design Group to carry out extensive cleaning of the monument. Low pressure steam washing of the stone to remove moss, vegetation and grime was carried out by the specialist masonry cleaning firm Keep It Clean Ltd during March 2020.

Linen Quarter BID’s long term aspiration is to fully restore the fountain and improve its environmental setting alongside planned public realm upgrades as part of DfC’s Streets Ahead Phase V scheme and the extension of the Glider network.