Shaping Ideas Mural

This mural was commissioned by the BID and completed as part of SEEDHEAD ART’s Hit the North festival by the end of April 2022. The mural covers two derelict single storey buildings on Linenhall Street (opposite the BBC Parklet) and measures approx. 10m x 6m. The artist Sophie Mess took the idea of creative innovation as inspiration for the mural.

As part of Hit The North Street Art Festival 2023, a new mural has been installed in the Linen Quarter by the Dutch street art collective Studio Giftig, who were crowned Best Street Artists 2022. The 12m high photo realistic artwork at James St South pays homage to the Linen Quarter with references to Linen and flax plants. Commissioned by the BID, the welcome addition will add a touch of vibrancy and colour to the district.


Another mural added in the Linen Quarter as part of Hit The North 2023 Festival is on the back wall behind Trademarket on Dublin Road. The brightly coloured mural has been painted by Aberdeen street artist KMG and is intended to add visual interest to the vibrant street scene of Dublin Road.