Linen Quarter Clean Team

Since August 2018, LQ BID commissioned a Clean Team to provide an enhanced cleaning, graffiti removal and power washing service for the district. This includes a focus on litter picking three times a week and graffiti removal once a week.

The Team also maintain the Flax Field installation at Bedford Square, Bankmore Square and can arrange power washing and chewing gum removal for LQ BID levy payers on request.

The Team work to a schedule and are currently removing an additional 750kg of rubbish from the area every month.

If you are a Linen Quarter levy payer and would like to arrange enhanced cleaning around your area please e-mail and we will be happy to assist.

How is this different to council cleansing services?

Council services are only responsible for public pavements. They will not always clean the strip of land around buildings, including private doorways. Nor will they clean other types of private land, including removal of graffiti from buildings. If the Linen Quarter Team Clean was not in place many jobs would simply not get done, and the District would be in a worse state as a result.