FLAXX Social Space

The FLAXX Social Space was developed as part of the COVID-19 Recovery Revitalisation Fund (funded by the Department for Communities and administered by Belfast City Council) and completed in April 2022. The intervention involves the closure of Brunswick Street between the junctions of Franklin Street and James Street South and the creation of a new large-scale pedestrianised space.

The new FLAXX Social Space in Brunswick Street has created a contemporary space where people can meet, partake of some refreshments and enjoy the entertainment on offer. This innovative development includes outdoor seating, lighting, games area and a small stage that provides a relaxing environment with an on-site container bar providing hospitality (operated by the adjacent Sweet Afton bar).

Located in the heart of a busy commercial district it will give office workers and visitors to the city a vibrant and comfortable space to rest a while. Already popular, FLAXX Social Space has brought vibrancy to this part of the city centre and has acted as a catalyst for more regeneration in the surrounding areas.