News / 16th September 2021

Where is my nearest AED in LQ?

As part of Health Week, the BID commissioned Bisp Training to deliver AED and CPR training to members. This engaging and interactive course provided delegates with background information on the chain of survival, how to administer CPR, Covid protocols, and the operation of an AED.

Delegates were able to practice administering CPR, paying particular attention to the new Covid protocol. This dictates that the nose and mouth of the (adult) casualty are covered, whilst the eyes and throat are exposed so that signs of response can be detected. Delegates also practiced the use of the recovery position, and how to adapt CPR for a baby or toddler.

With delegates from both hospitality and professional services, the training was very practical and well-received. However, one question remains: Where is my nearest AED, and how long does it take to access it? Some members were aware of a device within or near their workplace or home. Others were not.

In the absence of a defibrillator, the casualty’s chances of survival can be as low as 6% using CPR alone.  There is a clear need for more awareness around where AEDs are located, and how they are operated. The BID will continue to map AEDs across the district and encourage members to register them with NIAS, and provide similar training courses to educate those who may need to use them.

At a time when ambulance wait times are on the increase, delivering First Aid, CPR or using an AED as quickly as possible is vital in order to give the individual the best chance of survival. Registration is important, because when a 999 call is made, the operators will scan the local area for available devices that can be used until professional help arrives.

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