News / 13th April 2021

Stress Awareness Month 2021

To mark Stress Awareness Month across April, LQ BID has teamed up with LQ-based charity, Relate NI to provide helpful ideas on how to ‘Relieve the Pressure’. Many people are facing pressure in relationships right now, causing unwanted and avoidable stress. Relate NI is a relationship and counselling charity which has been providing relationship support across Northern Ireland for over 70 years. Relate NI are passionate about promoting healthy relationships, which are essential to our overall health and wellbeing, particularly at a time when we need to look after ourselves most!

Relate NI’s team of expert counsellors have put together the following tips to help you relieve the pressures on your relationships during stress awareness month;


1. Even the most loving relationships experience stress from time to time. Making time to carry out regular relationship maintenance will help you to develop healthier relationships and can alleviate stress and improve our wellbeing.

2.Stress in family & couple relationships is normal and may give rise to unhelpful conflict. If this happens, try to avoid always having to be right, as this of course means that the other person has to be wrong. By acknowledging and learning from the perspectives of others, we can move to understand each other better and help resolve our conflicts.

3. Take Notice of the stress you are feeling and how it is impacting your relationship with yourself and others around you. Remember that our relationship with ourselves is the most important one we have. If the stress is becoming too much, reach out for support to Relieve the Pressure.

Relate NI has also provided short videos on managing stress brought on by relationships you may have. Visit each link below for more bite-sized info:

Relate NI has developed a series of free digital resources to help you relieve the stress on your relationships, find out more at