News / 19th March 2020

Safer Streets in LQ

LQ Police Patrols Deliver Safer Streets

The Linen Quarter StreetBeat team will be on active duty through the current health emergency. The two dedicated police officers, who are part of the PSNI City Centre team, will be working hard to protect the District during this unprecedented period. This includes enhanced patrols throughout the Linen Quarter to verify the safety and security of business premises.

If your organisation has made changes to your office routine, or have any concerns about your business premises, please email your personal contact details to PC Dale Fisher at . The PSNI will contact you in a timely manner to issue advice and other information if any issues arise.

These enhanced police patrols, which are funded by the Linen Quarter BID on behalf of its members, will be ongoing throughout the coming months. If you have any queries about this service please don’t hesitate to e-mail: