News / 25th July 2023

Police Conduct Crime Prevention Patrols Targeting Graffiti In The Linen Quarter

Police are committed to helping to reduce graffiti across Belfast City Centre. Constables from Central Neighbourhood Policing Team based in Musgrave PSNI were joined by their Crime Prevention Officer on Wednesday 5th July 2023 and engaged with business owners and tenants of various buildings across the Linen Quarter explaining crime prevention techniques that might help to reduce graffiti on their property.

This is part of a larger drive being initiated by the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Central Neighbourhood Policing Team aimed at reducing graffiti.


Robbie, the Crime Prevention Officer for South and East Belfast, had this to say about anti-graffiti paint:

“Most premises visited on Wednesday 5th July 2023 would benefit from an application of anti-graffiti glaze. There are two main types of anti-graffiti protection:

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings are applied and removed after each instance of vandalism, meaning they must be re-applied after each graffiti removal. This type of coating is usually the most cost effective option initially but over a period of time and having to reapply the coating costs could mount.

Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings will ideally only have to be applied once, as the protective layer is more permanent. Though this type of coating is often more expensive, it allows for easier graffiti removal and lasts for a much longer period of time.”

As well as this, Robbie went on to suggest that: “Any areas with an alcove or recess consideration could be given to shuttering or blocking off these areas as it provides ideal cover for graffiti artists.”

Robbie concluded: “To summarise:

•             Use anti-graffiti glaze. Various brands are available.

•             Additional lighting installed.

•             Anti-climb paint can be used at a height of 1.8m and above with signage in place.

•             Clean the area as soon as possible once graffiti is applied.

•             Survey of lighting in areas affected to ensure all working and foliage from trees is not blocking light.”

If you are based in the Linen Quarter and feel you could benefit from a visit from the Crime Prevention Officer with regards to graffiti then please get in touch with your local Linen Quarter Constable; Sarah Craig: