News / 3rd February 2021

LQ StreetBeat Update

Delivering a safer district is one of the top priorities for Linen Quarter BID. Our enhanced police team, LQ Streetbeat, have adopted a robust problem solving approach, including action to:

  1. Tackle Anti-social Behaviour
  2. Arrest criminals
  3. Ensure premises are secure and people are safe
  4. Distribute Personal Alarms
  5. Provide a personal service (contact information)

1. Tackle Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour, drug misuse and aggressive begging on Great Victoria Street are long standing problems that cause disruption and distress to local businesses, customers, and commuters. Our enhanced police service, funded by LQ BID, has taken a pro-active approach, including arrests and prosecutions to tackle criminal behaviour and act as a deterrent. Following a recent operation, the PSNI StreetBeat team secured an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) against a persistent offender, which saw the individual banned completely from Great Victoria Street along with prohibitions from consuming alcohol and using threatening behaviour in a public place. This order is in place for two years until January 2023.

LQ BID and the enhanced police service will continue to adopt a fair but robust approach to address local concerns.

2. Arrest Criminals

At the beginning of January, two burglaries took place in Linen Quarter premises that were closed due to lockdown restrictions. A commercial speaker was stolen from one property and a large outdoor TV screen from the other. LQ Streetbeat responded immediately and used CCTV evidence to identify the vehicle used to commit the crime and trace the driver. With the evidence gained, an operation was carried out and the vehicle seized and the driver arrested. LQ Streetbeat were also successful in having the contract for the car terminated, reducing the opportunity for this individual to commit further crime. LQ Streetbeat recovered the commercial speaker and this will be returned to owner once all evidence has been secured.

One of the most shocking incidents this month was a cash in transit robbery on Great Victoria Street. The PSNI responded and the get-away vehicle was quickly intercepted. Following a search the stolen cash was recovered and all suspects arrested. It was a similar story when a vehicle parked in Blackstaff Square was broken into. LQ Streetbeat responded immediately and the suspect in question was detained and arrested.

3. Premises Checks & Personal Safety

LQ StreetBeat will continue to conduct premises’ checks to ensure they remain secure as lockdown continues. The team will also work with partner agencies to keep people safe and protect the vulnerable. To provide additional reassurance during the darker evenings, hi-visibility patrols will be carried out around commuting times.

4. Distribute Personal Alarms

Over the last number of weeks, LQ StreatBeat have been actively supporting the students living in LQ during lockdown. To ensure students are kept safe in the area, LQ StreetBeat provided Queens Elms, located on McClintock Street, with personal alarms. These alarms are also available for local Linen Quarter businesses – there are limited numbers left and please get in touch with as soon as possible if you wish to request a delivery.

5. Providing a Personal Service

If you want to discuss any community safety issues or concerns, or would like advice on protecting your staff and business premises from crime, then please get in touch with LQ Streetbeat:

PC Chris Wallace / Mobile: 07585979301 / Email: