News / 13th November 2020

LQ Clean Team Update

During this uncertain time for businesses, our dedicated LQ Clean Team continue to keep our district vibrant. Whether it’s hospitality venues which have had to close, or offices left vacant due to staff working from home, the team are carrying out power washing, weeding, litter and graffiti removal, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Enhanced Powerwashing and Monitoring Vacant Properties

Never has it been more important to ensure a cleaner, safer environment. Despite the decreased footfall, the Clean Team has been working alongside existing services to ensure our streets are kept clean and free from litter. The team also ensure the removal of weeds is kept up to date, along with tending to our Flax Fields installation on Bedford Street. Recently our Clean Team have been focusing on hospitality venues and ensuring the surrounding areas are well maintained. They will also monitor vacant offices for signs of vandalism and raise any concerns with the BID.



Research shows that the faster graffiti is removed, the easier it is to prevent. The decreasing footfall means we are monitoring quiet areas which tend to be susceptible to graffiti and having it removed as quickly as possible. Have a look at the before and after shots.


Working with Partners

The BID continues to work alongside our partners at DFI and Belfast City Council to maximise resources. Whilst we are adhering to the current government guidelines, we are monitoring the area closely and raising any concerns via the appropriate channels.

If you have any requests or concerns regarding litter, graffiti or street cleaning, get in touch with who will be happy to help.