News / 22nd April 2021

Keeping LQ ‘Butt-free’

Cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item across the world, and when tossed onto the ground, they can turn an attractive area on its head, making it seem poorly maintained. In addition to being unsightly, cigarette litter ends up being washed down drains, polluting our local waterways and creating more hassle for those who have to then unblock said drains.

Our Ballot Bin was installed on Great Victoria Street last November, as a quirky way of reducing cigarette waste. The bin encourages users to ‘vote’ for an answer with their cigarette butt, by putting their cigarette butt in the slot underneath their preferred answer.

So far we have asked the LQ what the best Christmas movie was, with Home Alone ranking as the firm favourite. More controversially, we asked if pineapple was acceptable as a pizza topping, and the results were, unsurprisingly, divided.

You may have spotted plenty of Belfast hot spots on the hit BBC drama Line of Duty, so most recently we have asked, ‘Who is your favourite AC12 copper?’. Users will have to decide between Steve Arnott and Ted Hastings, played by local actor Adrian Dunbar.

Despite the reduced footfall, the bin has been actively used by commuters and workers, resulting in fewer cigarette butts littering the street.

As Line of Duty approaches its nail-biting finale, do you have a quirky suggestion for our next Ballot Bin question? Get in touch:

Our Clean Team continue to work in the district making sure our streets and buildings are cleaned and well-maintained. If you have any suggestions or requests for how they can benefit your business, please get in touch.