News / 9th April 2020

Easter Message

The team at LQ BID would like to wish all our members a Happy Easter. Although this is a difficult time for everyone it’s also a time where we have witnessed outstanding examples of human compassion and courage. Far from driving our society apart this crisis has brought us together, including volunteers helping with the NHS or with food deliveries, researchers working collaboratively for a cure, or simply children displaying rainbows on their windows.

A number of BID levy payers are working directly on the frontline of this emergency, in particular the Public Health Agency. We would like to pay tribute to their energy and dedication, and their commitment to keeping us safe. Like many other organisations and individuals LQ BID would re-iterate PHA advice – stay home over the Easter break, protect the NHS, and save lives. We would also remind everyone to show their appreciation at 8pm tonight to the brave and selfless hospital staff who are working at the front line of care, providing expert treatment in the most demanding of circumstances. The weekly clap is also a moment to show appreciation to care workers, paramedics, police, Council cleaners and all other frontline staff who are maintaining vital services at this critical time.

LQ BID would also like to thank our local political representatives and leaders who are doing their very best at this time to support people, communities and organisations. The BID will continue to engage with relevant bodies to make the case for much needed support – this is a health emergency, but it is also a social and economic emergency and we need to ensure there are viable jobs to return to and that livelihoods are not destroyed.

Just a reminder that the Linen Quarter Police Team and Clean Team will continue to work in the area during lock down (the latter on reduced hours), checking premises are safe and that graffiti and vandalism is addressed. The rest of the BID team are on furlough, but I am still in post so please highlight any issues or concerns directly by e-mail or by phone 07855 392511.

I think this year we are all entitled to enjoy our chocolate eggs without feeling any guilt! Please do have a safe and happy Easter.

Christopher McCracken
Managing Director
Linen Quarter BID