News / 26th January 2022

Drink Covers & Test Strips

As part of LQ BID’s Safer District Agenda, the Police & Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) has provided drink covers and spike strips for members to avail of.  The covers are placed over the glass to prevent the drink being easily spiked, whilst the strips can be used to confirm the drink has not been. Anyone can request a cover or spike strips, or they may be of benefit to our hospitality members who may wish to offer them out to customers.

In addition to the above, Linen Quarter BID is continuing to offer members personal safety alarms, which have also been funded by PCSP and in partnership with Belfast City Council, Belfast One BID and Destination CQ BID. The alarms are convenient and accessible, designed to increase personal safety. They are intended to shock and disorientate the attacker, thus giving the victim an opportunity to escape, rather than relying on attracting help. The alarm is also designed to detach from the key ring once activated, meaning the user does not need to leave their keys behind.

As well as encouraging members and visitors to take steps to improve their personal safety, LQ BID continues to work with our key partners to ensure a safer district for all.

If you are a Linen Quarter BID member and wish to request drink covers, strips or personal safety alarms, please contact and we will have these delivered directly to your business.

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