News / 5th March 2020

Community Safety Update

As part of our commitment to a safer district LQ BID have organised a number of initiatives including:

  • Funding for LQ Street Beat, including dedicated police officer PC Dale Fisher (please contact on 07825 634384)
  • Quarterly Community Safety Forum, which meets every 3 months and is open to all local organisations
  • LQ BID project officer, Christiaan Karelse, who co-ordinates crime reduction initiatives and partnership liaison.

The Community Safety Forum met with the PSNI last week and agreed to focus on five priority issues for the district:

  1. Alleviating the problems from street begging / street population
  2. Enhanced enforcement against drug dealing and partnership action to address drug misuse
  3. Tackling persistent issues around crime, asb, and environmental issues at Blackstaff Square
  4. Get Home Safe initiative to improve perceptions of safety for local workers
  5. Tackling cycle theft and cycle security

Over the next three months LQ BID will develop these issues into a bespoke action plan with enhanced funding, improved partnership and tangible results.

If you would like to contribute to these initiatives, or to attend the next Forum to review and discuss, then please get in touch with