ISL Waste Management

ISL have been commissioned by the Linen Quarter to provide a waste management service for the area. This includes commercial waste, food waste, recycling, and confidential waste.

There are two main advantages of using the Linen Quarter – ISL service:

  1. Linen Quarter BID have negotiated a bulk contract, enabling ISL to deliver improved rates to our members. These rates are better than the ISL service in a non-BID area and are considerably cheaper than the equivalent Council service. In some cases the Linen Quarter – ISL service has reduced waste management costs by up to one third.
  2. The service has been specifically positioned to improve the green economy of the District, in line with our aspirations to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This includes:
    • Providing free consultancy to minimise waste in the first place.
    • Use of new vehicles with much lower emissions.
    • A much greater emphasis on recycling and reuse, with minimal landfill waste.

In addition, the Linen Quarter BID will donate £250 for additional planting in the area for every business that signs up before the end of 2019.

If your organisation is based in the Linen Quarter and you would like to take advantage of this service please e-mail