Events & Hospitality Group

The primary focus of the group is to plan combined activities that will benefit the district. This includes a programme of festivals that the BID is bringing to the district across the year.

  • February: Four Corners
  • March: Imagine: Festival of Ideas and Politics
  • April: Film Festival
  • May: Creative Festival
  • June: Belfast Blues Festival
  • July – September – Linen Quarter Walking Tours / Food & Drink Tours
  • August: the Belfast Address, public debate
  • September: Linen Quarter Food Festival & Culture Night
  • October: Ciclovia
  • November: Design week

The group will also consider how the summer street ambassadors can be deployed to be effect, as well as other issues relevant to the marketing and promotion of the area.

The events & hospitality group meets every two months is open to all hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and entertainment venues across the district. If you would like to participate please contact