Current Projects

Project Tracker – Year 2

At the end of year two 81.5% of our five-year plan has been fully delivered or is actively underway

33 Projects:

  • 17 delivered /ongoing (51.5%)
  • 10 underway (30%)
  • 6 not started (18.5%)

The 4 flagship projects are outlined below: 

  • Flagship Project #1 – Promoted & Vibrant
  • Flagship Project #2 – Clean & Sustainable
  • Flagship Project #3 – Safe & Secure
  • Flagship Project #4 – Regeneration & Investment

*Project progress for each outlined runs to April 2020

Flagship Project #1 – Promoted & Vibrant

Our aim is to make the Linen Quarter an exciting must visit destination and “the new home for hospitality.”

Two years ago, very few public activities took place in the District. The BID are now investing a six figure sum each year to programme a vibrant series of monthly activities, with many major festivals and events extended to the area.

In the last 12 months we have launched a new website with weekly newsletter, funded promotional activities, and secured regular media coverage for the District. We also secured Purple Flag accreditation for the City Centre, highlighting our status as a well-run night-time economy.

Project Tracker

  • 7 delivered /ongoing
  • 2 underway
  • 1 not started

Project delivered/ Ongoing


Visitor concierge scheme, ensuring visitors receive the very best welcome to Belfast:

Summer Street Ambassadors active in 2018 and 2019 from June to September. The programme will return June 2021.


Extend other city-wide events into the BID area and get a fair share of publicity and promotion for hospitality business:

LQ BID employ a full-time events manager and make a six-figure investment to provide a vibrant annual programme. A comprehensive range of activities & festivals have been introduced with the aim to make Linen Quarter the new home for hospitality.


Networking, social events, and promotional activities to raise awareness of all businesses in the BID area:

Business networking events across the year including quarterly hospitality group for industry practitioners. Friday Skive, the monthly networking drinks open to all local staff, will return in 2021.


Re-brand the district with identity that is representative of the character of the area:

A new Linen Quarter brand identity was launched in 2019 and has been promoted through events, marketing, sponsorship, and physical placemaking.

The Linen Quarter is now a more cohesive and well-known district, with frequent media and social coverage.,_Belfast


A food & drink destination promotion package:

12,000 “Linen Live” Z cards with maps and hospitality listings were distributed in 2019.
A Joris Minne food review of the Quarter was arranged in Oct 19, along with advertising features and promotion.


Purple flag designation:

This national accreditation was secured for Belfast City Centre by all 3 BIDs in Jan 2020.


Free advertising platforms. This includes a service app for visitors that provides profiles of businesses in the BID area:

New website launched in April 19 . This includes area and business profiles. A service app unlikely to gain traction but business promotion taken forward by website, newsletter, and events instead.

Projects Underway


Welcome host training and customer service masterclasses for all front of house staff:
LQ BID marketed Welcome Host training provided by Council in 2018 and Tourism NI in 2019.


Create a new signature event for the BID, probably based around food, that will encourage visitors back into the area:

A weekend “Flax Foodie Festival” has been developed, with funding in place and event management company commissioned.
The 2020 launch postponed to 2021.

Not Started


Area staff card to use as incentives for employees. This will focus on hospitality and lifestyle offers:

Year 4 project

Flagship Project #2 – Clean & Sustainable

Our Clean Team covers areas that existing public services don’t reach, including litter and graffiti on private property and enhanced power washing and deep cleaning.
But while cleanliness is important, we have an even greater ambition – to make Linen Quarter the most sustainable business district in Northern Ireland. We are supporting recycling and environmental consultancy through our waste management contract and have started work on subsidized accreditation schemes and green energy initiatives.

Project Tracker 

  • 5 projects delivered
  • 4 projects underway
  • 1 not started

Project delivered/ Ongoing


Service to quickly respond to incidents of graffiti, waste, vandalism, and other problematic issues:

LQ Clean Team commissioned 2018, with 2 operatives working 4 mornings a week.


Enhanced street washing programme:

Service includes graffiti removal, litter picking, weeding, cleaning frontages, and power washing of pavements.


Office technology and white goods waste management service, with confidential waste shredding:

The LQ BID Waste Management Service was launched in 2019. As well as excellent value the service has transformed sustainable practices.

Food waste management assistance:


Create a bin and recycling facilities storage:

LQ BID does not have capital budgets for storage, but the waste management service includes free consultancy and improved management of existing storage.

Projects Underway


Discreet pest control service:

Service was due to launch April 2020 but has been delayed until further notice.


Deliver support to help organisations secure ISO14001 and other company accreditations:
Business in the Community commissioned to run the equivalent BS8555 accreditation for LQ organisations. A heavily subsidised scheme will be launched in 2021, as part of our sustainable district initiative.


Utilities savings through bulk procurement:

A green energy scheme has been scoped and will be launch in 2021 as part of our sustainable district initiative.

Not Started


Procurement of an office incidentals service e.g. plumbing, electrician and maintenance service:

This project has been discontinued due to potential liability issues and duplication with existing landlord provision.

Flagship Project #3 – Safe & Secure 

In Sept 2019 we introduced enhanced policing for the district – the third of three flagship projects. LQ BID fund a dedicated officer who provides additional policing and a named contact for the area. We also co-ordinate a quarterly Community Safety Forum, open to all local organisations, with a £20k problem solving budget attached.
To ensure personal well-being we launched our pioneering health week in March 2020, more important than ever in light of lock-down. With a score of special activities and offers, health week will become a regular feature in the district in the years to come.

Project Tracker

  • 4 projects delivered / ongoing
  • 2 underway
  • 3 not started

Project delivered/ Ongoing


Enhanced policing for the Linen Quarter to target the range of anti-social behaviours and provide an additional service to all levy payers:

Enhanced policing began Sept 2019, with LQ BID funding full time dedicated PSNI officer for the District. LQ BID also runs quarterly community safety forum and has invested £20k into local problem-solving fund.


Cyber & fraud prevention and training:

Free seminars held 2018 and 2019. Further training to be scheduled 2021.


Introduce the retail crime watch scheme:

Free membership for RCW, worth £250 per year, was rolled out to all retailers in 2018 and provides an ongoing service.


Provide a healthy working environment for employees & deliver greater safety for all visitors: 

Free health checks provided Sept 2019, with virtual health week piloted in March 2020. These will now be mainstreamed, with two health weeks a year providing a comprehensive range of activities.



Projects Underway


Assist business to develop corporate social responsibility plans: 

Initial scoping work was conducted in 2019. New initiatives to be rolled out in 2021.


Defibrillators installed in key locations: 

Many hospitality venues, hotels, and new buildings now have these devices. LQ BID will conduct a scoping study with Belfast Ambulance Service in Autumn 2020.

Not Started 


Deliver support to help organisations secure ISO18001 and other company accreditations:

Year 4 project

A business emergency response scheme and a business emergency preparedness training support project for your business to reduce risk and the cost of managing risk:

Year 4 project

Late night staff working support and retained taxi service for business in the area: 

Year 4 project

Flagship Project #4 – Regeneration & Investment

In May 2019 LQ BID launched its pioneering Regeneration Vision, setting out key aspirations and ideas for the District. Many of these ideas, such as enhanced cycling and new social space, are now mainstream policy and LQ BID is actively working with public sector partners to help implement.

LQ BID works closely with public and private developers to co-ordinate existing regeneration and to attract even greater investment.

Project Tracker

  • 1 delivered /ongoing
  • 3 projects underway
  • 1 not started

Project delivered/ Ongoing


Lobby for additional monitoring and resources, influencing statutory bodies on programmes, projects, and their spending:

LQ BID represents district on City-Centre Reference Group, BCC Sustainability Board, Transport Hub Committee, and other fora. We have jointly commissioned projects with public sector partners and there are ongoing discussions to enhance service delivery and regeneration within the Linen Quarter.


Projects Underway


Create a united look and feel for the area that will include street dressing and add value with higher standard features:

Projects include Linenopolis 2018, Flax Field 2019, and Fountain Deep Clean in 2020.
Discussions on enhanced features, including new social space and lighting, underway.


Address vacancy levels through property promotional schemes, and a new welcome package for business moving into the BID:

Initial work on welcome package has commenced.


Area office space prospectus for vacant buildings. This will be part of a programme to help fill empty spaces in buildings within the BID area, working with landlords and public agencies to incentivise uptake:

LQ Vision produced in 2019.

Detailed work on regeneration and investment opportunities will be launched via website before the end of 2020.

Not started

Building frontage enhancement award scheme: 

While it would be difficult to gain traction for an award, LQ BID aim to bring forward frontage enhancement schemes in 2020-21.

Timeline of Key Deliverables

April 2019
Opening of “Linen Quarter Flax Field” at Bedford Square

May 2019
Launch of LQ Regeneration Vision promoting social space, sustainable transport, and technology & tourism led development.

June 2019
Recruitment of five LQ branded Street Ambassadors (to Sept)
Belfast Blues Festival extended to six venues in LQ

July 2019
Launch of LQ “Z-Cards” – 12,000 maps and hospitality listings distributed

August 2019
Climate Breakdown Belfast – keynote sustainability event with Jonathon Porritt, with over 500 delegates.

Sept 2019
Launch of LQ Street Beat – enhanced PSNI service for Linen Quarter
Culture Night 10 x 10: ten musical genres in ten different venues.
Free BHF health checks for world heart day

Oct 2019
LQ Food Promotion and launch of LQ Xmas Hospitality Brochure

Nov 2019
Design Week Exhibitions in LQ

Dec 2019
Stuff a Bus Charity Promotion in conjunction with Translink & Maldron Hotel

Jan 2020
Launch of 2020 Events Programme / Chinese New Year Celebrations
Purple Flag Awarded to Belfast City Centre, highlighting well run evening economy

Feb 2020
Innovation & Creativity Workshop; 4 Corners Festival “Sustainable Belfast”; International Festival of Chamber Music; Launch of Friday Skive (networking drinks)

March 2020
Community clean up – Thomas Thompson Fountain
LQ (Virtual) Health Week