The importance of staying connected

28th October 2020

Before the COVD-19 pandemic swept across the globe, the number one health issue was social isolation, with many tips on how to be more social constantly being encouraged online. Right now, we are having to do the opposite of this and isolate ourselves in order to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 to those around us – especially to those most vulnerable with underlying health conditions.

With millions of people leaving their social networks behind to work from home, many  employees who are used to face-to-face meetings, morning coffees with work colleagues and lunches out, are now having to find ways of staying connected at home on a virtual level.


Here is a short breakdown on how this is possible:


Connect on a human level: Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you can’t maintain and build relationships virtually. It’s very important to have conversations with others, even if it’s a ‘check-in’ call here or there throughout the day, a group chat over WhatsApp or a client meeting to discuss a future project, keep things moving along and talk to other humans – everyone will be in the same position as you.

Keep rituals in place and add new ones: If you’re used to having a team meeting at 11am on a Thursday – stick to this. If you’re used to having donuts on a Friday – stick to this and purchase some when out doing your next essential shop. It’s important to stick to rituals and make your days and weeks ahead feel as normal as possible. Introducing new rituals is also a great idea.

Recreate morning coffee breaks:
Try and keep as much routine to your day as you can as its important to have that daily structure to work to – even a morning coffee is part of this.

Have some fun:
It’s ok to have some fun. So, if you have a cat or dog, why not introduce him or her to your colleagues virtually? Everyone loves it when a furry friend gets involved in a team meeting.

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