Tackling Drugs In Blackstaff Square

4th August 2021

The BID continues to work closely with the PSNI and other partners to tackle crimes such as burglaries and anti-social behaviour. Each month, we will provide members with an update on community safety issues and how the BID is working to address them

Unfortunately, a Linen Quarter business was the target of a burglary this month and electrical goods were stolen from the premises. Police have several lines of enquiry. We spoke to our dedicated police officer, Constable Chris Wallace who has provided some practical tips on how businesses can protect their property.

More detail is provided in the document, but in summary businesses are advised to:

  • Conduct a full security check of the premises.
  • Regularly test the alarm and ensure it is fully operational.
  • Identify any vulnerable areas and rectify these. Ensure internal doors, security gates, bollards and fire exit doors have been secured prior to closure of premises.
  • If practical, move high value items into secured locations.
  • Remove cash from the premises and install signage stating all cash/valuables have been removed.

Another issue several members are facing is drug use. Our officer and council officials were in Blackstaff Square last week and provided support to a member who reported discarded paraphernalia around their premises. The BID will continue to work with the council and PSNI not just to support members when these incidents occur, but to actively work to solve community safety problems.

If you have any security/ASB concerns or would like to find out more about Street Beat, please contact Charlotte@linenquarter.org.