LQ Premises – Xmas Update

LQ Updates / 1st December 2020

Many premises across the Linen Quarter have been locked down to 11 Dec, or  have staff working from home.

Sadly, criminals will seek to take advantage, with 21 commercial burglaries taking place across Belfast since September 2020. In recent weeks there have been a number of burglaries in the city centre, four of which occurred on the same night. Police responded quickly and arrested four suspects, two of which were subsequently charged to court. Police are following lines of enquire in respect to the other burglaries.

The good news is that overall statistics show commercial burglaries and shoplifting are down around 40% year on year.  Overall crime is down too, so anyone who works, lives in, or visits the Linen Quarter is less likely to be a victim of crime.

However, the PSNI cannot protect every premises all of the time, and need the support of the business community to defeat criminals and stamp out crime. Please take a few moments to consider how you can play your part.


Business do not have to turn their premises into a fortress, but implementing a few simple measures will make it more difficult for potential offenders, by reducing the opportunity for crime.

Use suitable lighting

If a building is well lit up it is less likely that a burglar will break into the property. Use plenty of lighting inside and outside your property. Good lighting will also be safer for staff working in the premises and alleyways should always be well illuminated. LQ BID StreetBeat and Belfast City Council have recently conducted a lighting survey of the public realms to identify and improve street lighting within Linen Quarter.

Secure your premises

  • Install security lighting.
  • Install security grills or shutters.
  • Install an approved alarm system and/or CCTV for both interior and exterior of your premises.
  • Brief all staff on your security procedures.
  • Test the security measures regularly and ensure they are activated when the premises are closed.
  • If your premises are going to be vacant for a prolonged period remove any valuable items and stock.

PSNI are deploying extra resources to the city centre for night time patrols throughout the Xmas period. LQ StreetBeat patrols continue to conduct premises checks to ensure they remain secure, and will continue to work with our partner agencies to keep people safe and protect the vulnerable.

If you require any further advice you can contact LQ dedicated Police Officer, Constable Chris Wallace who can arrange a Crime Prevention Officer to visit your premises to review your current security:

Chris Wallace


Linen Quarter StreetBeat

Central NPT

Musgrave PSNI

Ext. 17158  Mob. 07585979301

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