10 things to do at home to maintain good mental health

28th October 2020

With a lockdown and social distancing in place as a necessary measure for public health, how can we maintain good mental health with the closure of so many places we used for communication and social purposes?

Dr Lucy Atcheson, a counselling psychologist, said we start to miss ‘micro-lifts’- which are the small things that subconsciously have added to our day. These may look like popping into your favourite coffee shop before work, the short conversations in the staff room or a gossip with your favourite co-worker. These are things that obviously do not happen when alone, or working from home, so we need to create our own ‘micro-lifts’. This can be something as simple as learning a new language or joining an online book group. Read more from Dr Atcheson here: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/coronavirus-mental-health-self-isolate-how-to-manage-quarantine-a9404431.html

Now that we’re all spending a lot more time at home, it can be easy to just snack your way through the day and take advantage of the different offers your local takeaway may be operating. But why not use this newfound free time to brush up on your cooking skills and show off at your next dinner party? Or perhaps take up new hobbies you just never got around to doing before? There are ample resources online to take inspiration from and we have broken things down with a list that might give you a little inspiration:

  • Declutter your home – a clear-out will not only make you feel good but make you feel productive, after all it’s spring!
  • Read more – there’s nothing better than a good book to get stuck into – also something you can discuss with friends over your next skype call.
  • Knit – Take the time to hone a new skill like knitting. Not just for the elderly, knitting is considered incredibly therapeutic and practical and can be turned into a lovely gift for someone.
  • Learn a language – why not challenge yourself and learn a new language? There are plenty of apps and websites that give you free lessons.
  • Cook – Keeping a healthy diet also will play its part in boosting your immune system, at a time when it is needed.
  • Play board games – If you happen to be in quarantine with company, embrace some old-school entertainment and crack out the board games for some light competition. Whilst board games are fun, they are excellent for keeping your brain in check.
  • Learn to play an instrument – how many times have you put this idea off as you don’t have the hours in the day to practice? Well knows the time to get strumming on that guitar – music can be very calming and another way to feel less alone.
  • DIY – There’s always something in your house that needs done, so why not to tackle some interior improvements – even just rearranging a room can make you feel productive.
  • Bake – It’s important that we eat the right foods when isolating, but a sweet treat here and there is allowed. Why not give baking a go and try a Bake-Off masterpiece of your own at home? A colourful sponge cake is sure to cheer the household up – or even just yourself!
  • Maintain a sense of routine – set an alarm and get dressed in casual wear as you would for non-meeting days in the office. As tempting as it is to sit until 3pm in your pyjamas, in the long term it is not good for your mental health. Keeping to a healthy sleeping routine will leave you feeling refreshed and productive for the following day.

For more inspo, see here: https://www.hellomagazine.com/healthandbeauty/health-and-fitness/2020031686372/things-to-do-if-self-isolating-at-home/

Remember, staying in can be just as fun and productive as going out – give the above a go and stay positive!