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Why is Urban Regeneration Important?

Linen Quarter BID believe that a dense urban environment that is home to a mix of uses helps to create a vibrant and welcoming streetscape that helps to support active travel, community safety and economic spend.

The Linen Quarter BID area, already home to almost 400 businesses, will continue to grow as a preeminent destination for offices, hospitality and city centre living in the coming years. Ongoing and proposed developments within the area total investment worth more than 1 billion Pounds and include some of the largest transport schemes in Northern Ireland (e.g. Transport Hub and Weavers Cross urban district). There are also a number of exciting hotel and residential developments planned, which, once realized, will add to the already vibrant character of the District.

Currently there are 31 ongoing and proposed developments within the Linen Quarter BID area and its immediate surroundings. The proposed Transport Hub and associated Weavers Cross development will boost the Grosvenor Rd / Glengall St area of to the city centre by bringing in a new urban quarter that introduces a large variety of uses and footfall to this part of town. Other major transport and public realm improvement schemes include Streets Ahead phase V, the North-South Glider route, and the Lagan pedestrian / cyclist bridge.

Offices and residential schemes represent the bulk of the developments. There are a number of large office schemes under development / proposed at Bedford Square, Linenhall Street as well as on the location of the former Dublin Road cinema. The Dublin Road / Great Victoria Street area is emerging as a desirable place for city centre living. Other type of schemes include a new hotel on Bedford Street (Bedford Yard), an outdoor hospitality space in Brunswick Street and the redevelopment of the BBC campus on Ormeau Avenue.

In this regeneration overview you will find a brief description of the proposed programme along with the current planning status. The document also sets out the associated level of investment and developer (if known). The map at the bottom of the page highlights the location of the various projects.

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Under Construction

Proposed Projects

Street Ahead Phase V

  • Transport
Status Application in progress
Value £50M
Developer(s) Department for Communities

Public realm improvement between Howard Street and Shaftesbury Square including road alignment works, planting, street furniture and associated works.

Former Life Church, on land to the rear of 11 Bruce Street and immediately east of Holmes Street

  • Hospitality
Status Proposed
Developer(s) SOLOYOLO Ltd

Change of Use from Church to Entertainment complex comprising a number of large-scale gaming opportunities, karaoke rooms, restaurant, bar and outdoor seating area.

Unrealised Plans

Opportunity Sites